What to Expect

  • Chevron down What We Provide
    • Towable tubes
      • These are NOT small, flimsy tire tubes. Our tubes are large, secure, and made of heavy PVC. Additionally, the tubes have covered bottoms and can safely hold three adults, four ladies, or multiple youth.
    • Life vests and paddles for adults and kids
    • A ride back to your car on the Turtle Bus
    • An enthusiastic river chaperone
  • Chevron down Important Additional Info
    • Turtle Tubing is safe and fun for families with children ages two and up. Adults can relax and kids are able to create their own adventure and become captains of their ships (aka tubes)! Because multiple kids can fit in each tube, and the section of the river is so calm, older children can be in their own tube with parents closeby.
    • We operate seven days a week. Turtle Tubing’s daily float season typically begins late June and ends on the second Sunday in September.
    • Colorado weather can be extremely unpredictable, so keep that in mind if you’re choosing an afternoon start time. Colorado storms can produce strong head winds on the river, which can add unwanted hours to the trip.
    • We recommend starting at 10:30 or 11:30 a.m. because this time of day usually means calm weather and a float that is approximately two to three hours.
    • If you decide to start at 12:30 p.m. or later, you will most likely experience rain and wind, which means the float could take four hours depending on the storm. Please bring a rain jacket just in case.
    • The entire float is four miles from exit 133 to exit 129.
  • Chevron down River Policies
  • We want you to have the most memorable and enjoyable experience on the river! That being said, we also want you to be SAFE. In order to do this we ask that you abide by the following river policies:

    • NO GLASS!
    • NO hard alcohol (canned cocktails are okay)
    • NO hard or styrofoam coolers
    • No coolers that take 2 hands to carry
    • NO drinking your own alcohol on the Turtle Bus. We have a liquor license on the bus and a variety of drinks available for purchase.
    • NO tying tubes together using rope! This damages the tubes and makes the river take-out process significantly longer.
  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy 
    • Groups of 9 or less must confirm and guarantee head count 24 hours prior to trip
    • Groups of 10 or more must confirm and guarantee head count 7 days prior to trip
    • Groups of 10 or more are responsible for 50% cost of the agreed number seven days prior to trip
    • No-call/no-show will be charged full price per person
  • Chevron down Weather Policy
    • Turtle float trips will be as scheduled unless rain or lightning is present at river put-in
    • Please check Dotsero weather forecast for the best accuracy
    • We float until about the first week of September, depending on weather
Turtle Tubing
Phone (970) 471-0547
Map Marker

I70 at Exit 133, Dotsero Landing, Cotton Lane, Gypsum, CO

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.