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About Us

Shane Ward Proprietor & General Manager

Although he was raised in Marietta, Georgia, Turtle Bus & Tubing founder Shane Ward is a Florida kid who loves Colorado. Ward describes the experience he provides with his two businesses as “transpertainment” that creates memories, opportunities to bond while enjoying unique activities, and ways to enhance vacations.

He strongly believes that tubing allows people to experience beautiful Colorado outdoors in a unique way that is both relaxing and fun. When Ward isn’t working or spending time by the river, he can be found skiing or playing with his pup, Rosanna.

Cameron Jack-of-all-trades

Cameron is the employee who literally does everything for Turtle. A Driver, bartender, mechanic and river guide, he is the backbone of Turtle. He came to Vail from North Carolina and loves Colorado both in the summer and winter when you will find him snowboarding and snowshoeing all over the valley.

Hayden Bartender

Hayden is a long time employee who you will find behind the bar serving up fabulous mixed drinks or on the river making sure you have a pleasant and safe ride. He loves to travel and goes to Belize often.

Colleen Head of Logistics

Colleen is head of Logistics for Turtle, chances are if you are putting together a large party or wedding, Colleen will be your contact person. She keeps us all informed and on the road.

Michelle Social Media · Driver

Michelle has moved around quite a bit but is now making her home in Bond. She is in charge of social media, internet duties and a bus driver around Vail. She is way too obsessed with her cats.

Rosanna Hostess

Rosanna is our hostess with the mostess! You will find Rosanna on a variety of buses, usually looking for the one with the best snacks, and trying to hook up with anyone who will throw the ball. She likes riding on the bus seats, long floats down the river and bags of yogurt treats.

Queen of the Colorado

Emily is our bright, funny and fun loving Bartender.