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Meet at Dotsero

Quick Details

Youth Ages 5-12
Toddler Ages 0-4

A Tubing Adventure on the Colorado River


Heading west on I-70, take exit 133 to Dotsero.

**Directions from East:** take I-70 West to Exit 133. Take a Right off the exit, go 0.5 miles, the Dotsero Landing will be on the Right.
Remember to park at Dotsero River Landing. Make the 1st or 2nd left. If you have reached the sign for Sage, you have GONE TOO FAR. Turn around and make a right.
Once you have parked, take the gravel path towards the river.
Leave towels, extra clothes or anything else IN your car that you don’t want to get wet. (We do NOT recommend bringing towels or “dry” clothes on the river. It is not needed.)


* Knowledge of how to swim!
* River shoes for your own enjoyment (shoes you don’t mind getting wet) and a river shirt (something to protect you from sun and wind).
* Drinking water (this is a 2hr +/- river float, we won’t let you on the river without it!)
* Personal cooler with snacks and beverages for you to enjoy (NO GLASS ALLOWED! NO STYROFOAM!) Soft coolers are best, as you have to share the space with your cooler in your tube. Remember, you “pack-out what you pack-in!” So be smart about what you bring.
* Sunblock!

We want you to have a memorable and enjoyable experience on the river! That being said, we also want you to be SAFE so please abide by the following bus and river policies:

• As Per the BLM, NO glass cans or large coolers. No Styrofoam. Pack accordingly. You are responsible for your own trash.

• NO drinking your own alcohol on the Turtle Bus. We have a liquor license on the bus and a variety of drinks available for purchase.

• NO tying tubes together using rope! This damages the tubes and makes the river take-out process significantly longer.

• Stay in your tube! Do NOT beach up anywhere until you pass all of the private property. BOTH sides of the river are private property until you are about 1hr+/-  in. Your river guide will give you landmarks of where it is ok to beach your tube and stretch your legs.

After your float, our mobile wood-fired pizza party will be waiting, the Turtle Bus meets you and transports you back to your vehicle.

Don’t miss your chance to experience Colorado River tubing! Turtle Tubing is one of the top-rated summer adventures to do in the Vail Valley!


  • Get your safety speech and arrange your personal items. (leave towels, extra clothes and items you don’t want wet in your car.)
  • Be ready to board your tubes and launch. Per new BLM rules, we cannot wait river-side for more then 10 minutes, so please be courteous of other recreational river users. Ready.Set.Float. You will have plenty of time once you launch to re-organize your tubes.
  • Enjoy your river cruise for 2hrs +/-. This is your own adventure and we want you to truly experience the Colorado River. That being said, your return shuttle is expecting you. We have “eyes” on the river. However, it’s up to you to ensure you aren’t holding up the Turtle Bus return shuttle for other guests.
  • For the river TAKE-OUT. River take-out will be on “river right.” I-70 side. Keep your eyes open for our river-side Turtle Tubing representatives. Immediately start paddling to the right side of the river. They cannot swim out to get you! You will have to do the work to get to them.
  • Arrange your personal belongings to leave the tube. Be sure to gather your own trash and personal items. You pack out, what you pack in. Once you walk up towards the Turtle Bus, feel free to leave your trash with us. Just not during the river take-out process.
  • Board the Turtle Bus once you are ready and after you have ordered your Turtle Pizza for the road!

Important Information

  • Pricing includes parking and a BLM river usage fee.
  • We recommend wearing a swimsuit underneath light clothing. Bring sunscreen & bug spray (just in case). Bottled water, river shoes, sunglasses and snacks. You will be on the river for 2hrs+/-. Bring a  SOFT cooler (no hard coolers or styrofoam coolers).
  • Remember, the BLM does not allow open containers, bottles or cans on the river, or the private property on both sides of the river. Please pack accordingly. (wink wink)
  • We recommend wearing a hat and bringing a rain jacket as well!
  • When checking the local weather forecast, please check Dotsero weather for floating conditions.
  • Please see What to Expect for more details.